Services & Rates


Wash, cut€40.50
Wash, cut, hand dry€56.50
Wash, cut, model dry€64.50
Wash, cut, blow-dry€72.50
Wash, blow-dry€40.50
Surcharge for hair straightening€16.50
Surcharge for model drying or blow-drying long hair€8.50
Mousse, gel, wax or spray is included in all treatments


Wash, cut€40.50
Wash, cut, model dry€44.50
Wash, cut, trim, blow-dry€48.50
Beard alignment€24.50
Mousse, gel, wax or spray is included in all treatments

Children up to 12 years old

Wash, cut€36.50
Mousse, gel, wax or spray is included in all treatments


Semi-permanent coloring
Color rinse (short hair)€48.50
Colour rinse (medium length)€56.50
Colour rinse (long hair)€64.50
Permanent colouring
Outgrowth colouring (approx. 2 cm)€56.50
Colouring (short hair)€64.50
Colouring (medium length)€72.50
Colouring (long hair)€80.50
Duo colour€8.50
Triple colour€16.50
Bleaching (short hair)€64.50
Bleaching (medium length)€97.00
Bleaching (long hair)€129.00
Comb coupe soleil
Comb coupe soleil (10 pcs)€16.50
Comb coupe soleil (short hair)€48.50
Comb coupe soleil (medium length)€56.50
Comb coupe soleil (long hair)€64.50
Coupe soleil
Coupe soleil cap (short hair)€64.50
Coupe soleil cap (medium length)€72.50
High- / lowlight foil coloring
High-/ low lights max.15 folies€72.50
High-/ lowlights: max.15 folies€97.00
High-/ lowlights: max. 40 folies€145.00
Other colour treatments
Part coupe soleil / part coloring / part bleaching and colour contouring€32.50
Blonde colour wash€32.50
*Cutting, washing, drying, blow-drying and styling are excluded from the abovementioned rates.
**Conditioner is included in all color treatments.

Hair Care

Hair conditioner€8.50
Hair mask€16.50